Vacation Time in Austin

kristen and her totally dope Jewish and now quite stylish boy, Marc (at least from what we all hear!)Well, it’s pretty much my last day here in Austin, Texas. I’ve had an awesome vacation, I couldn’t imagine a better time (unless it was drinking in the South of France with Ernest Hemingway). The weather has been a bit brutal, but apparently not as brutal as New York City.

I flew in on Wednesday night to spend the week with my boyfriend, Marc. For my seven hour plane trip all I could do was hold on tight to the seat and think about how wonderful it’s going to be to see him waiting for me when I get off of the plane. As I’m getting off the plane I hear the flight attendant say, “Kris, your wedding ring has been found and you’ll have to thank Marc(k), he found it.” My mouth dropped to the floor and I thought I was going to puke, for about a second and then reality hit me and I was fine. It was clearly, not this Kris and not this Marc, so I got off the plane easily. Unfortunately, the visions that I’d been having of my “never late in a million years” boyfriend waiting for me smelling of Armani cologne did not pan out. He wasn’t there, I had a mini-anxiety attack, looked around, thinking perhaps he’s talking to someone? Then I see Marc walking through the metal detector with a dozen roses. My heart dropped and all anxiety melted away, I was in Austin with Marc again.

I‘ll flash foward to Friday where we went out with a few of Marc’s friends to a Mexican restaurant, then to a bar on 6th street to see his neighbor’s band, Split Christy play. It was an awesome show, it was a girl fronted punk/pop band with a really awesome guitar playing neighbor, Pat. (Pat has worn a dragonballZ shirt both times I’ve seen him, he’s top notch for that and his mad guitar skills.) Then we walked home in the bitter cold.

Saturday was spectacularly beautiful day out. It was a bit cold, but we finally pushed one another out of bed and went and got breakfast tacos (aww yeah) from the “Breakfast Burrito Place” (the one that I’ve eaten at every day since I’ve gotten here). After the awesome tacos we went to Mount Bonnell a mountain-like hill where you can see my future home (all 6 billion square feet of it with a gazebo-like structure on the side). It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, Austin looks like heaven on a good day. After that we went to Barton Springs and Marc actually thought I wanted to go to the bathroom in the water, he’s so romantic! Then it was on to Zilker Botanical Gardens by this time it was pretty cold so we saw a bit of it, as much as I could muster. Then we went to Whole Foods, a hippie/natural food store (quite cool if I didn’t want all of my food artificial and full of sugar), we split a taco, went to the book store and then home. We made brownies together (damn good brownies I might add) and then went to a dinner party at Marc’s friends’ house. All of the people were really great, they were smart, personable and very laid back, and one was even sassy! They made barbeque and then we played balderdash. Quite a fun time.

Yesterday, though definitely takes the cake. We woke up and went to the Tanger outlet mall a few towns over. On the way there we listened to Jeff Buckley, Grace and Marc questioned my sad music listening choices. Then we had to pick it up a bit with some Bjork, Post. The agenda was to get Marc a wardrobe, preferably one I wouldn’t make fun of. The outlet mall was the size of Disney World and we basically walked the whole thing. (We missed a few stores on the way, I think our tolerance for shopping is pretty comparable). I’ll just highlight the actual stores, we went into the Banana
Republic and did not seem to pick out clothing (except Marc made fun of my being a fan of men’s black velvet pants) and we swing danced in the middle of the Men’s shirts section. (Nice work!). Then we went to Anne Taylor where I bought an over priced pair of FOXY red velvet pants!! Then I picked out my 6000$ christmas present that Marc is getting me (an High Def big screen tv that is bigger than my living room) from the Sony Metropolis store in Texas. After the shopping extravaganza Marc, the love that he is, took me to Outback Steakhouse (not knowing how much I absolutely love Outback).

We came home and Marc modeled all of his new clothes for me. I’d just like to point out that my boyfriend now, while dressed in the clothing that I have picked out for him, looks like a rock star. He knows it too, I caught him making kissy faces at himself in the mirror. Hopefully, I would not have shot myself in my own foot for making him look so freaking foxy in Austin. I think we may have to lay down some rules about when and where he can actually make use of the new clothing. In all, this has to be the best weekend that I have spent with someone. Thank you, Marc, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This weekend? It’s UVRAY Jessica and Mat weekend!! I’m totally excited and hopefully I’ll get to meet Mat’s friend Jaime.

Since we all need a Christmas Wish-List why not here?!

  1. World Peace (obligatory)
  2. To see PJ Harvey (just once before I die)
  3. The Sims (aww yeah)
  4. New Addidas exactly like the ones that I have
  5. A digital camera
  6. A webcam
  7. An Ibook (mmm….)
  8. the 6000$ High Def tv (Marc’s got that one down though;)
  9. A job at
  10. To actually get paid for the things I write on OM – even the BBS posts;)
    [Editor’s note: Noted, my dearest Kristen. And, um, me too!]
  11. A kitchen table (*sigh* so I can drink a cup of tea and read the Sunday New York Times).
  12. A dresser
  13. To have my boyfriend bring himself and his rockstar clothing to New York
    City permanently.
  14. To have Mat and Stephen move to New York City too.
  15. To have the Supreme Court Rule that Bill Clinton should be our President just until we figure who would be better candidates than the two we’ve obviously had a tough time deciding over.

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