Habitually Yours

wink, wink
I bite my bottom lip way too much. I slouch. I mess with my hair too often (Up? Down? Ponytail?) I am a bad typer when I get tired. I “crack” my toes when I don’t have shoes on. These, my friends, would be some of my “bad” habits.

When I smile just a little too much, my nose will scrunch up and my right eye will wink at you. I have a weird laugh when something is *just* too funny. I “talk” with my hands when I really get into explaining something. I don’t know how to hold (let alone smoke) a cigarette. Now these – these would be some of my “cuter” habits.

Other things that you may catch me doing:

  • singing in the car (when alone)
  • telling the truth (wait – that could also be a “bad” habit)
  • acting confident when I’m really not
  • tapping my pen/pencil
  • being goofy/making people laugh
  • holding doors open for others
  • saying “bless you” when someone sneezes

    Just remember this…
    I like to smile. By nature, I’m a happy person.
    I am very honorable. If you win my trust, I’ll never do you any wrong.
    I’ll do my best to keep everyone happy.
    I know when to keep my distance.
    Even though I don’t know you, I know how to make you smile.
    So this weekend, I’ll be down in D.C. to get away from the stressful jobs and busy lifestyle.

    Ya’ll know I’ll have pictures when I get back….

  • 3 Responses to “Habitually Yours”

    • I also talk with my hands a lot.

      Some dudes in a car totally caught me singing (rapping actually) along in my car while I was driving on 95 last month. I`ve realized it`s safer to sing along in your car at night, when you can`t be easily seen…not that I don`t sing in the daytime too. 😉

    • anyone else out there sing along to songs that are instrumentals?

      i like making up syllabals

    • i sing along to the rachels all the time!

      we’re wierdos.


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