cut your hair

darlin' don't you go and CUT YOUR HAIR!I did it. Finally. I cut my hair.

It’s amazing what newfound freedom one feels; like stepping into a whole new world.

My Dad thinks I look like “that girl Claire”. WHO?!? “You know, from that TV show you used to watch…. a long time ago…” Ooh, Claire Danes…. Hmm, I don’t think so…
It’ll be interesting who I look like now, with shorter hair.
No more Ally McBeal for me!


I have Bronchitis. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Was sick all weekend…. lots of fun.

I will be better for the Dismemberment Plan show this weekend in DC.


Never got to posting my the details of my Tucson vacation. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow since I’m home sick.


I will have my own bathroom when I move to Los Angeles. A bathroom with a jacuzzi/whirlpool tub and a television! My uncle is having a special TV installed so I can watch while in the tub. How spoiled am I going to be?!?

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