the other day i was thinking about thebobgreene. it’s been on hiatus for quite some time, and i didn’t know if i’d ever do anything with it again. i’ve thought about changing the name. i thought about recording new stuff. i thought about trying to release old stuff. the original “ep” i sent out was cool for what it was….a collection of 4 track recordings. and i even went as far to think about releasing it with mat….but i’ve never felt comfortable with having that be the debut. there were too many mistakes….too many things i’d like to record again. so i started to record music again as a sort of re-do….or whatever…..but after a bunch of attempts….i found myself doing the same thing. when i record, i usually do everything in one or two takes….and i record effects live. so if i don’t like a keyboard line w/wahwah….i have to record the whole thing again. also…..a lot of it is improv. so i never have an idea of what i’m doing until i hit record. which sometimes works out really well….and other times…. well, i just suck. heh. anyway….

so saturday night i was laying in bed after i got off the phone with jessica, and i decided to go search for those tapes. i found two. one was a tape of 4 demos i remember taking down to mat….so he could hear the new stuff. and the other was a tape of like 9 songs i had forgotten about. i think about 6 or 7 of them were really good. which was surprising because i never like what i do….even after it ages. so now i have no idea what to do with any of it. do i try to master the tapes? can i even find the tapes? should i just record a new album with mat? because i do have some ideas for new material. i have no idea.

i guess the point is that i’m going to do something with it. so…..coming soon…..thebobgreene.

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  • i think if the performance is good from the get go, regardless of “quality”, then should be released…

    we can always tweak a bit in mastering to bring out certain frequencies that are lacking…

    then you can always record other songs… which will keep the “sound” of the record interesting…

    DO IT!

  • yeah….i dunno. i want you to hear all of this. i’m gonna try maybe this weekend to get everything together. and i’ll ake a copy of what i already have down. hopefully we’ll figure out something….

  • sounds like a plan!

  • i like plans! and planes!

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