i love you, slightly off-white filing cabinet

i love you file folder

So it’s official. I am an adult. At first I thought I was an adult, but I was sorely mistaken. First I thought I was an adult when I got my first real serious girlfriend in college. Then after I got my first real job at Discovery Channel after college. Then after I started investing in a 401k and Mutual Funds. Then after I paid off my student loans. Then again after I bought a car. Then after I moved out of the parents’ house. Then again after I signed a contract on a house and got engaged. But this time it’s real. There is no fooling around here.

We acquired a filing cabinet. A slightly off-white filing cabinet, mind you.

And everything is sorted. Completely sorted and catagorized neatly by business and/or personal entity. Once we move I might alphabetize this, but since my CDs are all in boxes right now, it just wouldn’t be fair. It took me almost a week. But it’s done. I tell you, Mat is an adult. It’s a fact. And what’s up with all that is related to being an adult happens to deal with money. That metal, slightly off-white filing cabinet, with random chunks of cookies or food or something at the bottom, left by the previous owner, as a gift of course, is pretty much my life. It’s rather disconcerting and makes me really want to live off the grid. Just like Larry Finkelstein.

And for your information, Joe Jackson’s Stepin’ Out is the best song ever. Maybe the Silver Sessions will one day cover this song. It’s kind of fitting. Can’t you hear the vocoder and the killer drums?

And one more thing.

Sir Puff Diddy Combs was on Letterman tonight. His shirt read “Vote or Die.” I am happy to say this man has finally done something to take notice about.

4 Responses to “i love you, slightly off-white filing cabinet”

  • i’ll live off the grid with you, honey pie.

  • “Steppin’ Out” has been the best song ever for years now.

    ever since tony and angela danced to it on “who’s the boss?”

  • Vote or die .. could be a nintendo game!

    seriously, I so hope voting does go on the upswing in this country. i’m still skeptical of course, as i am with many things lately it seems.

  • me too…

    i still think voting should be mandatory and should be a federal crime if you dont, like in other countries…

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