i have decided i have a favorite bar


Tonight after work and some brief napping I hit up the Metro to Dupont Circle to meet up with David and Chris. I hadn’t seen them in weeks as David was all over the country on business and some vacation and I have been getting ready for the big move and my drums have been sadly packed up in their cases. Chris, well no one really know what he does in his free time.

So I had heard about the Brickskeller a few years back from Elle, but I had yet to go there. She just told me all these great things about it and how much I would love it. I just knew they had an absurd amount of different beers from every country you could think of and then some. And she was right. This place is awesome. And I am so glad we decided to hang out there. I did think it would be much more swanky, but it was totally my kind of place. Elle and her beer eye for the quasi-sober guy. Oh that’s so bad. But yeah, it’s just a quaint bar with no pretense, totally unattractive almost-rude-but-it’s-totally-fitting waitresses and red and white checkered table cloths (not plastic). Oh yeah, and a ton of interesting beers. I mean a ton. So my first beer was a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It was a great dinner beer. And then I had a Skullsplitter because it was 1) From Scotland and Daniel was playing his show on Friday and I thought of him while perusing the Scotland section of beers and 2) It was called “SKULLSPLITTER” – wouldn’t you?!

So after a lot of talk about ex-girlfriends and college and music and wedding plans we walked back to Chris’ apartment by GW. There were post-it notes all over his apartment which was kind of cool. I later found out he and his girlfriend do that for fun whenever either goes out of town. I like that idea. And then we walked outside and smoked a cigar that was not from this country. I hadn’t had a cigar since college, so it was a nice treat. And then Chris’ girlfriend came back from a party of sorts and hung out for a bit before David and I walked back to the Metro.

Oh yeah, and when ordering beers from other countries be sure to check out the alcohol content. Foreign beers have almost twice as much alcohol. Needless to say, I had a fun night even though I found that out the hard way.

Pictures here.

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  • you should’ve gone with the skullsplitter first….that’s just beer etiquette. 😉

  • it so ruled, elle!!!

    naw… i dont think i would have liked the skullsplitter before, i was thinking about that when i was drinking it… totally an after dinner beer for me…

    you so need to check this place out Daniel… it’s your people!

  • the point is to go from lighter style beers to heavier beers. if you drink a stout first….your taste buds won’t be able to taste the lighter beer you have afterwards. it’s just a suggestion….

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