the move – the painting – the insanity

So, yeah. We bought a house.

First things first was to paint the house before moving in.


We had a lot of friends come over to help. It made it so much more easier. We got all three bedrooms done and the living room. We just have the hallway (and stairs) and the dining room left. We’re so almost there.

Then we moved out of our old house. We hired movers. Even though we were only moving one block. It was worth every penny. I highly recommend it for anyone who has more than a bed and a dresser and a stereo. (We’re so vain). And since they were really kicking butt with the house stuff, I asked them to move the majority of my studio as well, which so rocked my world. And Gordon’s.

And in the middle of all this Maria had a birthday party in DC.


And last week Gordon helped repaint the old house white. He so rocked it. And this past weekend Mom and Dad also came over to help in the garden. Our garden is so kicking butt. But next year will be exponential.

And in the spirit of change, Emily and I got new cell phones. New phones. Same numbers. We lowered our plan as we have a landline now. And I treated myself to a camera phone.

a picture of our messy bedroom with my camera phone

Happy August. Happy Mortgage.

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