a larger bandwidth and better immunity to noise

i listened to it on the radio

So last night was our Orange Hat patrol. Basically it’s just a group of people who live in Takoma DC. We walk around the city for an hour and pick up trash and see if there are lights blown out and just look around for general suspicious activity. Ok, so it’s pretty much just walking around picking up trash and talking city politics. We filled in for some people last night so we had a different group to walk with. This group was probably one of the best. A woman from Minnesota. And a man from Boston. It was a great group. I still am so happy to be so involved with my city. It’s best to be part of something great.

On a typical work day I go down to the 4th Floor to hang out with Rick. He’s the production director. He basically cuts all the spots and does all the voice overs. He’s also pretty much an amature historian. The information tucked inside his head blows me away sometimes. American Revolution. 12th Century European. Roman history. The list goes on. He’s also pretty liberal in his politics, however I doubt he’d ever admit that. Who knows. So I am always coming in to hear his production work. What’s interesting is that I hear the production work prior to it being put on air typically when he’s mixing. And since you know that there is serious processing and FM bandwidth limitations the sound is always completely different after being mixed vs. it being broadcast on air. But I lied again, that’s not really that interesting. What’s interesting is that when I hear the spots in the studio I hear it in my head how it’s going to sound on air, and I compensate for that. I know that below 50hz there is serious roll-off. Above 15khz there is pretty much nothing. The bass doesnt typically bother be, but it’s the lack of treble that gets me. And even more interesting to me is that I hear how it should sound when listening on the radio. I hear how the bass should sound. I hear how the hi-hats would sound like if the frequency went up to 20khz. I have a treble booster in my ear.

Isn’t it weird how our ears can work.

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