Strictly Heywake

This weekend was a busy one, again. I am getting really sick of driving now on the weekends. It seems all we do these days is run errands. And I think I’ve had enough. I just want to relax.

Saturday, we went to Strosniders and built a sawhorse. I originally wanted to just buy one, but I was convinced by Emily to build one. So we cut all the wood (yes, with a manual saw) and we now have two saw horses. Yes! Honestly, I can’t remember much else that happened on Saturday. It’s a blur with all the antihistamine meds I dosed on this weekend.

our dining room table

Sunday, we did more housey stuff (and of course we had another trip to Strosniders) and headed out to Hagerstown to pick up our Heywood Wakefield table that was being refinished by Strictly Heywake. We didn’t get to hang out with Candy, as I was getting pretty anxious about my cold/allergies and she was also hanging with her Moms. Next time, Candy. Our table looks great and it much larger than I had remembered from when we bought it.

nana's red chair

On our way back to DC, we stopped at my parents house to pick up 2 chairs and a night stand that belonged to my grandparents in Boston. And on a side note, my 96 year old Papa finally moved down here to Rockville. He’s doing pretty well for a 96 year old, let me tell you! So, the night stand I think will be used to store liquor and our yellow pocketbook telephone. The nightstand was a set with our dresser we’re using and I think that Papa will be proud we’re using it to store some of our hard liquor. Of course at the parent’s house we had gefilte fish, matzoball soup, kasha varnishkes and brisket. Goddam, I love this time of year for all the great Jewish food.

papa's green chair

the nightstand

It’s now monday and my cold/allergies are better, but I am not 100%. I think I am still suffering from running errands. No more. I am protesting.

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