some information about organic palm oil

hanging just like jesus on his cross---jesustie (13k image)Last night was the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at 930 Club. It was just that. It rocked me. It was just like going to church. Somewhat like seeing Prince. But more like a babtism. I went with Laura and see actually really dug it and is now an instant convert. Nothing better than turning to the dark side! The Blues is #1! LeeAnn was supposed to come too, but i guess she couldnt make it for some reason or another. I took some pictures too. And in fact i got them developed during work and just picked them up. One roll came out fine and the other came out “Excessively Blurry” as Moto-Foto put it. Fuck them. They didnt even print any of them on the 2nd roll cos it was “Excessively Blurry.” I didnt ask them to make a judgement call and say whether or not they were Moto-Foto print quality! I take blurry shots. That is just the way it is. Fuck them. Fuck portrait shots with santa claus on the little smelly rugrat’s chest. So i do have the negatives that they “salvaged” for me. How grateful i should be that THEY did me a favour. Hopefully i’ll scan the negs in this weekend with Emily.

Speaking of Emily. We had planned to go to Bo’s band’s concert tonight. So i was asked by Emily to pick her up at 6.45pm at the Metro in Takoma Park. And since i am such a wonderful boyfriend, i happily agreed. So i basically kicked my ass to get all my work done (and i still actually didnt and have to come in on Sunday) and get out of there by 6pm to make it to Takoma Park by 6.45pm as planned. I get on Wisconsin Ave and get a call from her at 6.15pm. “I’m at Happy Hour!” La di da di da. Great. So i busted my ass to get out of work & sit in traffic for 45mins to pick her up from the Metro to get a call that she is at Happy Hour. Sure, i think it’s great she’s getting to hang out with work people, but still. A call prior to the time i left would have been nice. And if i did get that call, i could have stayed later at work to finish all the stuff i’ll now have to come in on Sunday for. I am not pissed, just irked. Shit happens. Could have been worse. Shit, if you think about it, i’ve done pretty nicely with the Emily. This is her first strike and we’ve been dating a while. And hell, this wasnt a really big strike anyways… Anyways. Time to take a nap.

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  • well, seeing as how i prefer bowling to baseball, i will take that as a compliment and i promise you a future full of strikes… and i apologize for taking so long to deliver the first one…

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