Yet Another DC101 Chili Cook-Off

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I survived another DC101 Chili Cook-Off. This was my 5th Cook-Off. They do seem to get easier and easier. Yet my legs seem to get more and more tired and sore after the fact. I guess I am getting older.

So all in all the Cook-Off was pretty successful. Even with the new location the sound wasn’t that bad. We were on 13th Street near the Agricultural building. It was much more of a narrow space than years prior. But the sound was amazingly decent. The place where the DJ’s broadcasted was just on the side of the stage. So the view when I wasn’t shooting the bands was really good and and I could relax in the VIP tent and hook up a standwich or something. I pretty much centered around the stage the whole day. That was nice as I didn’t have to walk around that much with the heavy gear.

Highlights were definately getting the chance to see Cake (and hear the singer talk smack about Cheney) and the Donnas. The Donnas set got cut short after 2 songs. Basically we had to end the show at 7pm as after that point our permit and time with the peramedics ran out. So if there was a problem, we’d be f’d. So we had to cut it short. Kinda sucked, but at least I got to see 2 songs. The guitarist rocked my world. It had been years since I last saw them, so it was nice to see the drummer had improved a bit. Oh and my guilty pleasure was Chevelle. I really do like that band. Must be the Chicago blood.

Band pictures are here. This year I am totally not happy with my pictures. I am not sure what it is about them. The lighting was all sorts of messed up. I kinda metered wrong. Bah. And random pictures are here.

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