building the cat hole

to the cathole - cat hole - black and decker

We recently put the kitty litter pan at the top of the basement stairs as the smell and soot from the litter in the upstairs bathroom was driving me insane. Emily is the great compromiser and that’s why I love her!

So the litter was at the top of the stairs and we just cracked the door open a bit and it worked out nicely. Then we adopted Frankie. And since everyone including the people at the rescue suggested having a space for the kitties that the dog can’t get to would be a good idea we decided to build a cat hole (just like a mouse hole) in to the basement door. The number one reason was so that the pussies would have privacy from the dog when they needed to take a dump or pee. Also their food will be protected now from the doggie.

to the cathole - cat hole
Starting to cut the bottom of the door with jig-saw that my brother-in-law, Scott, gave us.

to the cathole - cat hole
Look at that accuracy!

to the cathole - cat hole
The door is screwed in place.

to the cathole - cat hole
Our saw horse is foxy, isn’t it?

to the cathole - cat hole
The semi-final project is complete. Now we just have to paint or stain it. And put a casino and some pussy prostitutes on the other side. And I know you all are jealous of our bamboo Golden House calender. 😉

I am not sure if this is where we got ours, but here is a link to one that is similar, if you are interested.

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