Mat Turns 28 and Survives

josh and david

So I am 28. I am officially in my late 20s. It’s not as if I am in that grey/mid-area where I am in my mid-to-late 20s and can play it off. It’s real. It’s official. It’s a Pepsi. Actually, I dont really have any issues with age. Or even my age, for that matter. It’s just kinda funny to me.

Tonight I invited a few friends (Sorry Tim, I suck) to the Brickskeller to celebrate with me on my Birthday. It was great to see my friends and it’s good to have friends that I like so much. I wish I got to hang with them more. And seeing a bunch of my old work friends was a super treat and it made me miss that that much more.

You can be a champ and see the pictures here.

Anyways. How about a long weekend to San Francisco? Sounds good to me. See ya. Don’t wanna be ya.

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