I’m not as cool as the rest of you

Ten Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t

  1. Lip synced and danced to Mony Mony by Billy Idol in grade school.
  2. Built a theremin from parts bought at Radio Shack.
  3. Was raised Jewish.
  4. Got to shoot (photography-wise) 3 of my favorite bands before they broke up or died.
  5. Sans a few years in high school I totally get along with my parents.
  6. I had a CAT Scan and an EEG when I was a kid.
  7. Tried to find the Dischord House with friends in college.
  8. I’ve been to the majority of the Smithsonian Museums minus the Postal Museum and the American Indian Museum.
  9. I almost studied Music Therapy in college.
  10. Made my first home video at age 27.

7 Responses to “I’m not as cool as the rest of you”

  • i really need to get back on that theremin project ;). Other hobbies have so sidetracked that.

  • I pretty much get along with my mom, as well. I mean, she’s crazy, but crazy-fun, so it’s all good.

    I had a CAT Scan and EEG when I was 16 — does that count? They were trying to find a reason for my siezures.

    And I’ve been to at least one of the Smithsonian Museums with you and Em. 🙂

  • It does count and I had the same reasons for having them. I had nocturnal siezures as a kid.

    Yay for Smithsonians!

  • In high school I organized a “sit in” at a dance after a football game because of Mony Mony. We always shouted “Hey, get laid, get f**cked!” during the song and at one dance those in authority turned it off when we did our chant. We all sat on the floor for the remainder of the dance and I was scolded for being a “rabble rouser.” This probably would have coincided with the time Mat sang Mony Mony in grade school. : )

  • I’ve had a cat scan, an eeg, two spinal taps AND an MRI. I was in a COMA. bet none of y’all can say that!

    (i do, however, long to go to more museums.)

  • i’m having my skull readjusted.

  • Well, you are right that none of us can say all of these things.
    However, I…

    Sang Prince in a kareoke booth in 7th grade.

    Was Raised Mormon.

    Have been to most of the Smithonian establishments.

    Interviewed two of my favorite bands.

    Only had 1(one) six month fued with the fam. (Over quitting the Latter Day Saints)

    Took music theory in College for a year.

    Thats alls I gots tho.


    I have built a Theramin out of parts that I got from PAIA.

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