so most of your meat eating girlfriends remind you of fish?

my random stalker IPs - - - postscardsfromhelle (13k image)It was strange this morning. I woke up Gassious Clay. I think I let out the gas quotas for my whole week. I cant imagine why i was so gassy. It was uncanny. Luckily the burst of gassiousness happened at home and not at work. Wow, that would be funny.

Today was a pretty uneventful day, except for Music Day with Buddy. It’s turning in to the highlight of my day and nudging me more and more to get out of the Webmaster/design-ing biz. I am just so unmotivated. Doing corporate sites just bore me to no end. Sure I have to do them and they do keep me busy, but there is little fun involved. I think I just need a raise. I am going to ask for it tomorrow. And for all the extra work I am doing and the fact that DC101.COM was the #1 OnAir Radio Website in all of Clear Channel, I totally deserve it. If I dont get it, I will go higher than my immediate boss. And if I dont get it there, I am seriously contemplating leaving. I just need more. And I think money is what I need now. But we’ll see. Who knows. Perhaps it’s just that it’s tuesday and I am sorta in a bad mood.

Today after work I listened to the Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin. That CD is fucking genius. The best CD of 2000. Similarly to the best CD of 1990, which was Jane’s Addiction’s Ritual de lo Habitual. You know it’s a good CD when you re-discover a cut a year or so later. In 1991 it was Then She Did. Now, it’s 2002 and it’s The Gash. Fucking sonics blow me away. Take track 2. The chorus with the synth in the left speaker. I am not one for typically letting speakers clip, but damn, when you listen to this cut in the car and you push the volume just a little bit past where it starts to corner out the wave, it is just pure juicy distorted bass. I cant get enough.

Why does the soundtrack to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure rule?

Tomorrow is the pre-auditions for that Limp Bizkit promotion that is going across the US. Fun…I get to be at work at 7am to take photos of guitar players. I dont even like the guitar! Ok, that’s a lie, but it’s sorta true. And tonight I was supposed to see MacHomer with Mike at University of Maryland at the brand new Theatre and then go to his bars he always talks about, but I cant now, cos I have to go to work early. Phooey. I never get to hang with the promotions people anymore. I guess it’s winter and it’s slower. Come summer man, I best be with them more.

It’s now 6.30pm. I am exhausted. But my Mother got me a new book. It’s called “The Rollingstone Book of the Beats” – I think it’s a deal on the Beat Generation and what not from the 60s. That looks exciting. It’s something i’ve always respected, but really never knew much about. I just remember everyone studying that in college. Such a college thing. Speaking of which, I am moving out again in June. This time it’s for good. This will be my last 6 months ever living at home. Hurrah. I’ll prolly take advantage of the virtually rent free house (yes, with DSL and housekeeping) for a good 8 months to year and then move on again to my own place in my own name with a personal studio space for my music and an extra bathroom for my darkroom. Rockit. Major excitement. The only disapointment factor is all this planning me and Emily did. It will happen with her, but just not now. And maybe this is good for us too. Give us more space until the time finally comes. Prolly more healthy. I still cant wait for that day.

In other music news, I ordered Michael Penn’s march off of and it came this week. It’s now been reissued with bonus tracks! Fuck yeah! Fucking great songwriter. And I hate that term. Fucking terms. Fuck fuck fuck. Time for dinner.

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