Terri Schiavo – We Just Want More Michael Jackson

I feel as if I want to write something really profound and heartfelt here about Terri Schiavo. But I am repulsed by the media frenzy and the involvement with the American Government. For chrissakes, let her freaking go in peace. Actually I am not too compelled to write much about it. I’ll spare you. I just want it to be over. For her sake. I’d never want to live like that. Plus, she’s totally taking away the spotlight from the Michael Jackson case.

And what the hell is the deal with the people handing out the Washington Post Express at the Metro. It’s like you are completely accosted when you come out of the Metro with those people. At least give away candy or something.

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  • Amen to the WPExpress people — there’s one on my way into the Metro and three on my way out. And that new rag, too — “Examiner” or something. How freaking annoying.

  • Yeah, peeps get a bit happy with those Express handouts! I learned that if you put your hand up in a “no thanks” wave and say “good morning” at the same time, they leave you alone.

  • I hear ya. I hardly ever watch the news, or listen to anything outside of NPR, but while I was hanging out with my grandmother over spring break I noticed how crazy everything had gotten with that lady. People camped out outside her hospice?! Come on! Like it’s *any* of their business what’s going on in there.


  • Well, Terri’s nuclear family has made it their business with this media and political campaign they are waging. I just feel bad for Terri and her husband. I guess these religious “culture of life” folks forgot that the lord taketh away, too.

  • When is Congress going to step in for all the people dying early deaths from AIDS because we don’t give them “life support”? Instead, we pass (and let other countries pass without a peep from the US) economic reforms and trade agreements in the past month that are making life sustaining drugs more and more expensive after years of fighting to get prices down. Incredible.

  • I am posting my living will here. I leave Mat my CD collection to do with as pleased. Hopefully a museum can be opened. The collection does have Milli Vanilli, MC hammer, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack I & II, 2 Bush live imported recordings and OF COURSE, the single for Peaches!

  • Jamie, you rule!

    I hope we’re talking the Sony 1st Issue single for Peaches 😉

    The feeling is mutual. You will of course get every one of my soundtracks and compilations.

  • Dude, I’ve been HORRIFIED by the Schiavo coverage. The nation’s gone CRAZY! oh wait… huh. nevermind.

    Anyway, I’m glad for EVERYONE, especially that poor woman, that it’s all over now.

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