he yous daddy Continuing on with my ever-present boredom, today we have a game!

Something invented by a dear friend and taken to all new levels by moi.


Goes a little something like this:

Essentially, it consists of rearranging your lineage, with the supposition that you don’t know who is really your Daddy, and figuring out via character traits and appearance who it ought to be. Using mostly celebrities, of course. Here are some of the hypotheses I have come up with.

1. Me: I haven’t decided yet.
2. Mat: Frank Zappa
3. Al and Zac: Mr. Bean
4. Daniel: Tony Soprano
5. Emily: someone cute and, for some reason, possibly British (?) Dudley Moore? Maybe.
6. Beb: Bill Bryson. I don’t really know why.

Etc. Okay, I’m not really good at this game. It’s easy with people you know well. Harder for people you are only acquainted with. I can’t think of anyone for Allison except a Muppet. Gah.

So, who’s My Bastard Father? Who’s YOUR Bastard Father?

D: your bastard father is Denis Leary. Don’t deny it

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