The Popcorn Nazi

Today we had a presentation in our group. I am not much of a public speaker. In fact I prefer not to. But I just started here and I am trying to be open to anything. So in today’s meeting about half of it involved me speaking and explaining certain aspects of what we do. I was considerably nervous as I would be presenting to about 15 people (most of which were 10-20 years my elder and veteran designers) with whom I had never met before.

After the presentation my co-worker said, “You did much better than I had thought you would do.” She said I was pretty quiet in most previous meetings and only piped in when it was really important to me. But she was happily surprised with my skills. I was happy with my presentation but it was nice to hear it from a co-worker.

To celebrate a job well done she took me out for popcorn. Just like there are peanut stands on the side of the road in NYC. DC or rather the area of DC I work in has popcorn stands. In between the DOT and HUD building is this man inside a popcorn cart. She bought me this huge bag of popcorn and introduced me to the popcorn man as if he was the popcorn nazi. He was really friendly and I was pleased to have met him. I just put a dash of salt on my popcorn. There was about 10 bottles of other toppings you could put on the popcorn. I wanted to start off simple to really taste the flavor of popcorn.

So it’s about an hour later and I am ready to puke from eating about half of the gigantor bag he gave me. It’s so good. And I couldn’t stop eating it. I think he puts cocaine in it.

I just can’t wait until the farmer’s market starts in May just outside our building.

2 Responses to “The Popcorn Nazi”

  • lol! Cokecorn!

    That’s AWESOME there’s a farmer’s market outside your work! That’s like me being able to walk to Whole Foods from my job, only better. It makes shopping so much nicer as it stands in as a break from work AND you don’t have to take time out for it in the evening or on the weekends.

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