The WB’s Starlet – Television’s Finest


I totally didn’t want Michelynne to win. I kinda wanted her to take her pride (Is one allowed to have pride at the age of 18 while on a WB program?) with her and all her Gucci bags back to that alleged hostel in Los Angeles. What the hell kinda trailer trash name is Michelynne anyways?! Faye Dunaway, you lost me.


Mercedes totally should have won. She even has the stripper name. Perfect for the WB. But what I really was disapointed about was that Mercedes didn’t punch Michelynne square in the face when they were holding hands at the limo.

That would have been reality television.

P.S. Thanks Emily for this unhealthy addiction to the later few episodes of this classic WB program.

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    YAY for Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill coming back!! WOO! (Stop that. Don’t look at me that way!)

  • I just started watching a few weeks ago… it was strangely addicting… like melrose place without te dudes. but i couldnt see myself watching a whole season of it without walking off a 10 story building…

  • Michelynne won and I think she should have won. She’s pretty, she has a fresh look, she seems to very sweet and genuine. The person that I feel shold have gone home long before the end of the season was Katie. What, are you kidding?! I can’t believe she stayed on the show that long. She looks like plain Jane, she couldn’t act to save her life and she act like she is unstable “upstairs.” Personally Mercedes or Michelynne could have won. They were both my favorite. I would have gone into a coma if Katie had won.

  • I think they chose the right person when Michelynne won the Starlet because she truly is the Starlet. Mecedes can work on her body phobias for a while and Michelynn and her mother can reap the rewards of getting rich. I didn’t know Michelynne lives in a trailer. I thought her mother owns a house?! I guess some people are so jealous of the true Starlet they will make situation up.

  • I am certain they picked the right person to be the Starlet. Michelynee has a great personality and she took on each week with great strides. I don’t know why someone would refer to Michelynne as trailer trash. She’s far from that. That takes a MAD jealous person to say something so dumb. First off, she comes from a single parent household and that does not equate to bashing her and saying false things. I think Michelynne is gorgeous and she has a lot going for her. She deserves everyones respect. Even those who were rooting for a different Starlet.

  • Michelynne is amazing. What a wonderful person.

  • I am just watching the finale as Im writing this and clearly Michelynne deserved to win. Her final screen test was amazing and she is so pretty and young. I think the right person was chosen.

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