Last Night’s Show in Harper’s Ferry

cliffside marquee - communist bakesale

Well, we played our show in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. Or more specifically the first set was tight and the second set was, well, a bit loose on my part. I’ve played better. But since those crazy West Virginians like to go to bed as the clock strikes midnight, no one really was subjected to my playing and I wasn’t so worried.

We had dinner at the restaurant next door to the bar. On the menu there was a section where you could, for an another dollar, add extra meat. I think that summed up the night perfectly.

2 Responses to “Last Night’s Show in Harper’s Ferry”

  • gee, i’m glad you got a better reception than that time we went to that subway in west virginia. i thought we were gonna get lynched for sure!

  • Yeah, I see that place all the time and wonder if they have large slabs of meat kinda like on the Flintstones. Hey, next time you are in WV lemme know.


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