American Cities That Best Fit You

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Washington, DC
65% Philadelphia
60% Atlanta
60% Chicago
55% Los Angeles

Los Angeles? Ok, Perry lives there. So does Ice-T. I sorta get that. Hotlanta? That I don’t get that.

8 Responses to “American Cities That Best Fit You”

  • makes me proud that your second city is philly ;).

  • I like Philly… It’s a neat city. Just wish public transportation was better there…

  • you speak the truth on that one .. it would be awesome if public transit was improved.

    Mine came out:
    70% philly
    65% DC
    65% Chicago
    60% Atlanta
    60% Honolulu

    I’m not gonna argue with Hawaii ;).

  • wow, dc didn’t even make the cut. looks like we should be living in chicago or philly. i could handle that.

    70% Philadelphia
    65% Chicago
    65% New York City
    60% Los Angeles
    55% San Francisco

  • I wonder how many cities are options on this. seems like Baltimore isn’t on there.

    some of the questions/answers are kinda funny, like “Clean air: is overrated”

  • 75% Honolulu
    70% Austin
    70% Denver
    65% Portland
    60% San Diego


  • don’t be hatin’ on LA.

    my score:
    60% San Francisco
    55% Austin
    55% Denver
    50% Atlanta
    50% Las Vegas

  • i got 80% chicago. i think the internet is trying to tell me something.

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