mat: i have absolutely no photos/images, nor a desire to look for any, rescue me please

FIRST: The bored, hurt, stupid, and ashamed list

5 Bands People Should Give a Listen:
01. rachel’s
02. tin hat trio (says a new friend)
03. wilco (yes, I like alt country, I cant help it all you punkers out there rolling your black, black eyes)
04. george thorogood
05. chamberlain

5 Things That Turn You On About People:
01. eyes; and the way you hold a pen
02. humor; and the way you finish my sentences
03. intelligence; and the way you grill chicken
04. knowledge; and the way you get flustered and stammer
05. kindness; and your unmanageable hair

5 Movies You Watch All of the Time:
01. john cusack things
03. east by east
04. and sometimes Sig forces me to watch
05. Star Wars

5 Discs on Your Stereo Right Now:
01. a tribe called quest, midnight marauders
02. dismemberment plan, emergency & i
03. the pixies, doolittle
04. massive attack, singles 90/98
05. dismem-berr-ment plan and juno split 7″

5 Things People Should Know About You:
01. I own 16 black shirts
02. trying to stop biting my nails: attempt #2,031
03. secretly mocking you
04. I sit on my potential
05. Nice. Nice nice nice.

5 Things You Say the Most:
01. “Eff.”
02. “hi baby hi”
03. *grunt*
04. “clearly!” (DUMB K. I GOT THAT FOM YOU)
05. “not a problem” (when it most definitely is a problem)

5 Possessions That Have Meaning To You:
01. letters from Justin
02. caffeine
03. warm things made of down; ie, comforter
04. my head
05. escape routes/plane tickets.

SECOND: A Quick Update

So, I feel all sorts of queasy and I can’t turn my head at all, and I’d pay good goddamn money for a shot of muscle relaxant right into the back of my neck, and I’m just OD’ing on exquisite, exquisite pain.

A Poem:

If you know me and read the above,
you might mistake this for some crappy metaphor for love.
The truth is, I’ve hurt my neck. Again. BADLY.
I’m a mofuckin wreck; sadly.

Remember when the cheerleader hurt her neck? Well, it’s happened again.

THIRD: We Should All Kill Jarod!

You know what I wish?

I wish I had just 15 minutes in a room full of FOJ’s. That’s all I need.

2 Responses to “mat: i have absolutely no photos/images, nor a desire to look for any, rescue me please”

  • dude, i still bite my nails…dont let the man bring you down…there is nothing wrong with it

    and look at

    i get them all there

  • Elle-

    Clearly is a terrible Kristen Syndrome. I started saying it in Espanol, to mix it up. Repeat after me: "Claro." Spanish for clearly/of course.
    Warm things made of down? Hmmm. DOWNtown Julie Brown.


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