Intel, IBM. Who cares anymore.

So Apple is switching to the Intel (Windows) chip. It was announced yesterday after weeks of rumors.

Big whoop.

They had already been using the IBM chip for years now, which is equally as ironic. The big push now is converting Windows users to Mac OS. I presume. And Mac is doing a pretty good job. Especially with the new MiniMac that you can get for about $100 cheaper than the cheapest Dell. That is provided you already have a monitor and a keyboard. But the bottom line isn’t that Apple is going to start using a product that was developed for Windows. The bottom line is that ideally this change will allow Macs to be produced more cheaply and thus will sell better. What’s the big complaint with Macs? “They’re too expensive. I can get a PC for half the price” – It’s never been about a bad product. That is obvious. And history always repeats itself. Remember Beta? It was clearly more superior and that shit-hole of VHS won out. Beta is still better and still used in professional studios.

It’s not about the chips and electronics, it’s about the OS. And Mac’s OS’s have always been clearly superior. In my opinion clearly with OSX.

Well, time will tell. Not that I really care. I am completely satisfied with our G4 and OSX at home and my Windows XP box at work. Some would say, “The Best of Both Worlds.”

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  • Whats the big deal?! Well, basically, the big deal is this: IBM & Motorola make RISC chips and Intel is a CISC chip maker. Thats like switching from putting mustard on your hebrew national to putting smoked trout. What has everyone up in arms is: a program built and compiled on an IBM chip will without a doubt not work on an Intel chip. So basically programmers are wondering: do we need to reprogram all of our applications, and are we going to need to supply three versions of software now! Classic, OSX, and OSX Intel! So its less about branding feuds and more about the Mac community getting scrrrrewwwed. The only way this would cease to effect Mac users is if Intel is going be building the G5 processor instead of supplying its own chips.

  • People still use Classic?! Shame on them. That’s like using Windows 98!

  • my understanding was that Apple would be providing some kind of translator and that they’ve actually been working on a twin of OSX for a while now that will work on the Intel machines. no software package is completely backwards compatible. they all have their minimum sys requirements and it just means you’ll eventually have to upgrade. i say, if it means they’ll be better positioned to compete, go for it!

  • Apple did not disclose the technology used to run PowerPC apps on the “Intel-Inside” Mac they demoed at WWDC yesterday—but I’m fairly certain it is a technology called “QuickTransit” developed by Transitive corporation. See:,1282,64914,00.html?tw=wn_story_related for a wired articled on transitive. Another telling sign is that on their web page, Transitive has the following blurb:

    “Transitive expects to announce that a second computer OEM will deploy products enabled by its technology during the 1st half of 2005 and that others will deploy QuickTransit before the end of the year. Unfortunately, strict confidentiality obligations prevent us from discussing these relationships in any detail.”

    We all know how secretive Steve Jobs likes to be.

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