i have to pee like a motherfucker

sugarcult (10k image)Saturday was my second Chili Cook-Off. I still have to go thru the 400 digital pictures and 13 rolls of 35mm film. So eventually i’ll get the pix up here. There was another photographer there. He was good at taking pictures of the girls and their boobies. Which is nice, but wasnt really the point of being there. It was just silly and excessive at times. Anyways…highlights were definately 2 Skinnee J’s and hanging out with Special J and his dog. Pete Yorn and his Heinekan or how ever you spell that. Meeting Dave Pirner as well as singing I WANNA BE SEDATED with him on the same stage. It was my own little My So Called Life moment. If only Angela was there.

So after 13 hours on my feet and 50 pounds of gear i headed back to the Hotel Rouge with Korinne to shower (solo mind you) and get ready for the rest of the night. This hotel was the bomb ass and was swankier than swank, and i am moving in. Ozzy style. So Emily met up with us and we all headed to Mr. K’s for dinner with Elliot, Colin, Dan, Colin’s friend, and Korinne. This place was more hoity toity than ever and we were all mad under dressed which was almost amusing. They had chopsticks there that were signed by over 15 presidents. Hmmm…ooops. We were total assholes. But it was rather amusing to me. So after dinner we headed to 930 Club to see Remy Zero. The show was pretty good. It was just cool to hang out and use the 200mm of my 80-200mm from the VIP balcony. That lens amazes me more and more everyday. Emily even shot a few rolls of film. After that we just crashed at the hotel.

Sunday was spent processing hundreds of pictures for the site. Then we (Emily and myself) headed to Rehoboth to chill out. Of course i sold out and gave Emily her birthday present a day early. It was just easier that way. When we got to the Rehoboth we both decided we wanted a room with a jaccuzzi and we got one. But it turned out to not hold water. Fucking shit. Oh well. We did do mad shopping and i got 2 rocket lamps from my new favorite store: Abizaks. One yellow and one green rocket. GAP, Old Navy, Candy Kitchen and Banana Republic were also on the list. And I learned two newly invented words from Emily this weekend:

#1: Tapiyoda. Combination of Tapioca and Yoda. Which begs the question: Is it Yoda flavored Tapioca or Tapioca falvored Yoda?

#2: Pood. Combination of Food and Pooh. No explanation needed.

And today i headed to bumfuck Fredricksburg, VA to get all the shit out of the trunk of my car including Emily’s luckily unscathed video camera and 100 of her CDs. So all is ok, Ms. Amy. It’s just another inconvenience of having to drive somewhere remote to get shit from my car which i never should have gone to get but i did cos some barefoot dumb fuck had too much to drink and drove home or rather in to my trunk while i was stopped. I have no sympathy for these idiots. The Beastie Boys said it so eloquently and i am gonna get my preach on: “If you’re drinking, dont drive; and if you’re driving, dont drink.” Is it that hard? Are you that cool? No. You’re not. You’re an idiot. So dont be that idiot that gets made fun of on my lame website. So now i am back at work. It’s nice to be back, but at the same time a 7 day weekend is much better than a 2.5 day work week. It’s all math.

smashed_car (32k image)
smashed_car2 (26k image)

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