Government Pet Peeve #1

Now, in general I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how cool the Government has been to me, thus far. More specifically in the branch I am and the division. I do hear it’s much worse in other branches to the Contractors. Regardless, my pet peeve has nothing to do with any hierarchical entity here. Rather is has to do with the speed in which people walk down the halls in government buildings. It’s basically like some one died. And consistently everyday. People probably walk so slow that if they were walking on quick sand they would be buried in 2 seconds. If only. And what really gets me going is when two people are walking next to each other and don’t move when I am coming from behind them. Even after I start walking loudly and occasionally coughing. The taker of the prize are really when two people are walking down the hallways in the opposite direction to my walking and are side-by-side. They will not move from their plane of walking. It’s like some force has locked them in to place and will not allow them to shift their course. So basically it forces me to hump the wall so THEY can pass by. It also never helps when the said persons are overweight. And 9 out of 10 times they are overweight. The audacity. People can really get on my nerves sometimes.

But in other more positive news, I got my passport. Yay! I can officially go anywhere now. I also got my final approval from my employer to take 4 weeks vacation. I just need to do a bit of comp time to make up for some unpaid vacation I thought I was going to take. SO the bottom line is that I thought I would have to take a bit of unpaid leave and I was prepared for that. But I can actually make the hours up which is good for all parties involved. Yay.

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  • I’ve also noticed the inconsiderate take up the entire lane of traffic behavior when walking along the sidewalks. Sometimes people will be 4 or 5 across and I’ll have to move out of THEIR way! What the hell is up with that. If you’re 5 people across, you need to reconfigure your formation. Two in a row people!

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