When It Rains, It Pours

I would like to announce my candidacy for Supreme Leader of the Universe. I feel I am uniquely qualified due to the following:

1. Twice in the last week, I discovered that I donned my underwear inside out.
2. Last night, I forgot to pull down my underwear before peeing.

I rarely wear thongs so I probably would’ve noticed if I hadn’t felt the cool porcelain on my ass cheeks. I was in such a rush when we came home that I ran upstairs, pulled down my pants and let the good times flow. As I was sitting there talking to Mat, something started to click in my brain and I looked down to see cloth still covering my netherregion.

Mat: “Yeah, I thought it sounded kind of muffled.”

Fortunately, he was about to do laundry anyway. You gotta love a man who’s still willing to make out with you after laundering your pee-soaked undies.

21 Responses to “When It Rains, It Pours”


    Were they Communist Bakesale undies? I always knew you had it in for us 😉

    Oh, and as funny as the story is, I was laughing even harder while I thought it was Mat posting about peeing in a thong 😉

  • heheh, no. i’m probably not to be trusted with such a collector’s item.

    ps. why is there a very large dark and pixelated man hovering above eric? oh, shit! he’s above me too!!

  • I really wish I could deny this.

    Luckily I double wrapped the said object twice in a towel.

    ps. Em – you can click on the icon and sign up to have an actual icon in place of what’s already there based on the email you post with in a comment

  • Oh jesus. Mat’s new template comes with assassins. I’ve heard about these guys!

    This comment will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

  • damn assassins. i haven’t even been elected yet!

    why are they so LARGE and OMINOUS??

  • >why are they so LARGE and OMINOUS??

    DUH, because they’re ASSASSINS, GOSH! 😉

  • ok, but then why is your winky face equally large and ominous?

  • Yeah, looking in IE, I see now what you mean Emily. Maybe they are just trying to assassinate IE, not us.


  • ooooh! right. IE.

  • Shit, Em, you’ve blown my cover…I’m an online character assassin…I take my orders from Rove.

  • Dang! I’m no Valerie Plame. Back off, bitch!

  • I hear your soon-to-be-husband recommended you for posting today’s entry. This is clearly a case of nepotism. What say you? *raises eyebrow*

  • I stand by the words “soon-to-be”.

    Furthermore, I will not comment on this ongoing investigation.

    WHOA! The big men shrunk! Not nearly so menacing! Thank you, blogging god.

    Hmmm… SOMEONE is editing comments!

    Freedom of speech! Love it or leave it!

  • hahaha! oh my god, emily, you are fucking hilarious. thanks for sharing, i needed a good laugh today.

  • It’s easy to tell by the number of comments associated with this post what kind of posts get the most attention on blogs. Namely posts that mention peeing and thongs. I’m laughing now thinking of the disappointed guys who Google search ‘pee underwear thong’ and come up with Olympus-Mons! (Not that that’s how I stumbled upon Mat’s blog tonight or anything . . . honest . . . )

  • it almost beats the time i sat down, neglecting to actually FLIP THE SEAT COVER UP.

    because it’s just so hard to tell if there’s a gaping hole available for me to pee in.

    yes. yes indeedy.

  • birds of a feather, my friend.

  • Those things could have fetched a hefty price tag on ebay you know.

  • dang, i hadn’t thought of that. it’s one thing to say i’ve poured my blood, sweat and tears into paying for this wedding, but it’s a whole nother ballgame to “say my piss bought this cake… enjoy!”

  • Wow, just wow.

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