Take A Look At These Hands

Last night Neil was in town on business. Well actually he is here for a week, but we got together last night. We got some beers @ the Brickskeller. His beer was kinda warm so they gave him a bucket with ice to cool it, like they do with wine. It was relatively amusing. It was nice catching up with him.

We got a call last night at 11pm. It’s pretty uncommon for us to get calls after 9pm. But we did. It was Catherine. Our good friend Lance is in the hospital. The prognosis is not what we like it to be. At all. I guess it never is. He still hasn’t received a second opinion, but still. I’d prefer to not get in to details at this point. But needless to say Emily took off work today to see him and we are all going today after work to visit with him. This shouldn’t happen to a good man in his mid-30s. I don’t like this at all.

Please send your thoughts and prayers his way.

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