chocolate creme

Last night I went to Nation for Sam Adams’ Summer Jam. We did the show with them. The band was Spacehog. You prolly remember them. I will typically start singing “CLOSING TIME” after I hear this band. But alas, their song was not “CLOSING TIME.” Although I bet they’d do a glorious cover of it. Spacehog’s one hit wonder was “IN THE MEANTIME.” You gotta love that ever-so-nicely Brit pop that gets blended in to everything else. There was just nothing interesting about these guys. The only semblance of interesting factors was the fact that the singer used a vocoder during the sound check. And the fact that there was a Rhodes and Nord Lead 2 keyboard out there, that was maybe used for 2 minutes max. Blah. So yeah, I guess the free beer and food made up for it. I did get some good pictures of them. Doing the time lapse photos made up for the fact that they just stood there in non-movement for the majority of the show. Another bad thing was that the band didn’t play their “hit” until their last song. Then everyone came in from the patio. Then they left the stage. Then they came back for an “encore.” But by the time they came back all the beer drinkers (95% of everyone) had ventured back to the patio. Damn the man. Anyways. It was a fun night hanging with all the DC101 peeps and DJs.

I also seem to do a lot of gossiping with Korinne at work. We talk about all our co-workers and who they’re dating and who we’d like to date and who does what and who does not. Ahhh. I love it. We really have nothing in common. She’s basically a makeup wearing, purse totin’, ex-sorority girl. I am nothing of the sort, nor do I typically associate with such a person. Sure, I’m a snot. But I guess with circumstances we seem to get along. Oh and if anyone out there knows a dude named Mike K. and has some good dirt on him, please by all means contact me! He went to the U of Maryland. Also went to Wootton High School in Rockville. I need some dirt on this man! Help a brotha out.

Today is a lazy one as always. Sunday is my catch up day for everything i need to do during the week. I fixed up the label website. I finished up some artwork for my record. I did some mastering with my new program that Rome sent me. Gott bless mastering. I think I could spend more time mastering than the actual tracking of the record! It’s so much fun and the little changes make so much difference, yet no one prolly would ever notice the difference, only feel it.

Favorite numbers of the day: 2020, 2010, 2008, 1998, 1991, 2025, 2040, 2006.

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