becky doppelmyer

I am thinking about starting a comic strip. I am so enamored with Daniel Clowes. I so want to leave work this very second and go find someone to see Ghost World with me. I don’t even know if it’s playing around here.

Daniel Clowes, in an interview with
“Art school was four years of some of the funniest moments of my life — just one after the other. It’s such an absurd scenario to place kids who have no business being lofty and pretentious in a scenario where they have to be. They have to justify everything they do as being really meaningful and deep. There’s something so funny about kids making sculptures out of Circus Peanuts and trying to justify it as being great art.”

Talk to me, baby:

D: “You know what’s good? Skiball and rum.”
E: “You know what’s better? Skiball, rum, porn, and crack.”

Stories from the Ghetto

I am leaving the house this morning. I am standing in the doorway, talking to my roommate, who is in her little flight attendant uniform and leaving for LA. We see an animal sprint across the street. The Roommate frowns, says goodbye, and runs upstairs for her forgotten suitcase or makeup bag or whatever she was mumbling about. I, however, investigate the BIGGEST CAT I’VE EVER SEEN. Well, at first I thought it was a cat, because NOTHING smells like ghetto than a ton of your neighbors cats in your trash. But I was really shocked at the mutant size of this cat. We’re talking huge. And, it ran kind of funny. It didn’t run like a cat, it more… well…loped. I can’t think of the precise word. So I said to myself, “Self: this is no kitty.” At first, I couldn’t find the furry thing, but then I squinted and saw it on a neighbors porch a few hundred feet away. As I walked into the parking lot, the thing rolled under a bush.

I know I joke a lot about monkeys, because monkeys are sheer comedy. But I am so serious. This was no cat. I have a loose monkey running around my neighborhood.

I know a girl who’s favorite saying is “there are no monekys here. Whats monkeys?” Well, dammitt, K…. I have found your monkey. He is living on my street. Maybe he’s a carnivore. Maybe he’s eating the cats. That would explain how nice and clean the ghetto has been this summer. The Summer of the Monkey.

If I don’t get attacked by monkeys after work; I am off for the beach. See you honkies later. Have a good weekend. Good luck tonight, daniel. Go git em, Tiger. Sport. Chief. Champ.

3 Responses to “becky doppelmyer”

  • I definately wanna see Ghost World.

    Monkeys = sheer comedy, which is why I saw Planet of the Apes.

  • is it possible that the Jersey Devil found its way down to VA? be afraid, be very afraid.

    “Self: this is no kitty”: classic. almost as funny as, well, monkeys.

  • i know you don’t know me but i would SO go see ghost world RIGHT NOW if only it were playing yet. thora birch is go.

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