la boob

guns don’t kill, people doMy God, is that a good looking Crayola masterpiece with Mat’s last post, or what? You should save that shit for when I’m dead. Make me famous posthumously.

The power’s been off in my office all morning, so I haven’t really been on the computer and with no AC, it’s hotter than a whore in church in here. And, the phones weren’t working. As soon as they started working again, J. called me from CA to complain about his “nosebleeds.”

I can’t say I have much sympathy.

Groundbreaking News:

I bought an orange silk skirt (style: the BAJA), I watched Pop-and-Roll “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, I flicked Daniel off, still no Chandra. I had the chicken sandwich.

Most Hummable Ten or So Songs, Right This Minute:

1. Elvis Costello “I Don’t Want to Go to Chelsea”
2. Beta Band “Broke”
3. Eve and Gwen Stefani “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (Oh, fuck off and admit it- you have so been whistling this shit under your breath. I have. I’m not ashamed. Okay, maybe I’m a little ashamed.)
4. GBV “Little Lines”
5. Teenage Fanclub “Norman 3”
6. Depeche Mode “Blasphemous Rumors”
7. Minibar “Retrospect”
8. Sparklehorse… one of them new songs I don’t know the name of
9. Stereolab “La Boob Oscillator”
10. PJ Harvey “The Mess We’re In”


Saturday, MattWithTwoT’s and I thought of good personal ads to place in the City Paper. He was considering answering a young lovely who had Multiple Personality Disorder. I told him to think it over a little more carefully.

”Short SWM in search of stripper with a heart of gold. Must be good with beer. Interests in candlelight dinners, romantic strolls on the beach, and bukake. Cooking and cleaning in the buff a plus.”

Found Objects:, an old valentine, a plastic bottle top that gets me a free Diet Coke, 1 quarter, 1 nickel, and 2 pennies on the floor of my rental car, a bar called “DR. DREMO’s” in Arlington that is shay and scary (I like it), roundtrip airfare to Long Beach, CA for $200 (something like Blue Airlines or something ??), my pink shirt I have been missing forever. Except it doesn’t really fit anymore. Does this mean my boobs grew?

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