i noticed your action

crayons ruleToday was a fun day. I worked more on mastering my CD. It’s quite bizzare listening so much to your own material. It begins to start sounding like white noise and background sound. Almost like crickets. Well, ok. Uh. Not really.

Around 4.15pm Daniel and Joe came in. We listened to the mastered MONSIII record and contemplating using the AURAL EXCITER which I really want to use on all the tracks. But will prolly only on a few. Zander and Zac came in a little while later. Zac bearing a name tag that “Zachary Shipley” – I need one of those name tags with his name on it too. He also came with a dope ass Zappa tshirt. It seemed to have been a screen mishap in which it looked like a photo or drawing of his face, but only the moustache and the eyebrows are present. Love it. Elle came shortly afterward fasionably late, as always. After some chit chat we exited.

Get fresh and fun with om rekords

Off to La Madaline’s we go. We all more or less got a chicken sandwich except for Daniel. He got some pasta thing. He always has to be different! Ha! Anyways. We did get to discus a lot about the label. It is a great relief that everyone is pretty psyched about it. It seems they are pretty motivated. Woo! After that we came back here and worked a little on MONSIII artwork and listened to Superchunk’s LAUGHTER GUNS ep.

Thoughts of the day:
01 Jesus does want me for a sunbeam
02 Snoozer makes the best CD packaging i’ve seen in a while
03 I need to start touring
04 Learning my songs would help
05 Does anyone want to donate an amp?
06 Girls with crayons are cooler than without
07 Treble is your friend
08 When driving it’s best to use the rear view mirror to give dirty looks

And tomorrow is another day. I have a little catch up to do from friday’s day off. That is ok. Cos monday’s are always a little hectic. I’ll just do what i do. I just really want my record out and selling like a mofo. Wanna buy a record?

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