nune est bibendum

mat&zut- matre pulchra filia pulchriorSo today is sunday. I just had my morning pee. There is nothing better than the first pee of the day. And no better than one on the weekend that’s been situated all nite. Gotta love it. So now that i am relieved I can begin my day. My father got up early to prepare for some meeting in Baltimore or something. So me and the moms ca party all day! Woo! But I will be cleaning my studio as MONSIII is virtually done. I’ve done almost a dozen mixes for each song and i’ve picked the ones I like the best. What a great feeling. Almost as good as that first kiss. Almost. It’s also bizzare when your coworkers ask to hear it and you are listening to your own music in a car with them. It’s like bearing your soul. Eek! I am not familiar with that feeling.

Last nite after work (well at 4.30) I got to go to Merriweather Post Pavilion to see the Area One Festival. I could remember the last time I was there was for an Elton John concert with the pops. It was actually pretty good. He wasnt high on coke like he should have been, but he played all the good songs he wrote when he was high on coke. Oh, the good ol’ days of coke induced songs. So anyways, I really wasnt all that excited about the show, except for the few side stage artists. Juan Atkins and Carl Cox. Those guys were great. So much bass it vibrated my pants. And the dancing! Oh the dancing. Minus the dizzying cliche glowsticks I had a great time in that tent. It was great to see such old school innovators 15 feet from me. And to treat my ignorance I did go back to the main stage to see Outkast. I gave it a try. It was decent, but damn, I dont know what the hype is all about. To each his own. I gave it a decent try. But here was the kicker. I had heard Moby before. I had heard a few of his CDs. But never in concert. I think my opinion of him totally changed after seeing him live. He was huge! His show was great and there were fans everywhere. When did this whole pseudo-techo electronic thing take off?! Where was I? It seems this trend is turning in to the late 80s push with rap. I just hope it doesnt get all washed out. But i think that is too late. Damn Fatboy Slim. Crap Crap Crap. But seriously, for commercialized electronic music Moby sure did it great. I do have to excuse his use of the ballad in electronic music. God awful. Just stick to what you do good! And while I am at it. What is up with all these people great with electronics ruining it with the big fat woman singer. They are always out of place and sing stupid ass lyrics. It’s so wrong. Those guys need to learn to watch what they do with that. Icky. Very Icky. So Moby gets my props live. I shook the booty. I was also impressed to see how organic the stage was. A three piece string section. A real drummer (in addition to sequenced beats) a turntablist, a bassist (but turns out what she was playing, was not coming thru the speakers, Hmmmmm), and Moby has one Korg keyboard. There was even a percussionist. It was basically a band. Actually at times it was like Nine Inch Nails when he brought out a guitar. Totally reminded me of 1995. What a good year.

Off to clean and work on artwork for when Elle comes to play on sunday.

8 Responses to “nune est bibendum”

  • I got the same EMail from “Walt”. What a dork chop.

  • I liked Fatboy better when he was a Housemartin.

    “It’s happy hour again, and again, and again,….”

  • i gots the same email from walt…
    to my olmpus-mons email addy…

    i even wrote back to him, asking who the hell he was…
    never heard back….poor walt, he’s so confused.


  • ditto on the walt email… how weird.

  • hehe mat, i wish i’d known you were there…i woulda hugged you and had you bless my water bottle ;D
    yeah. E is the coolest.

    i like the fat girls that moby brings along to sing his ballads. her voice was nice.

  • god i hope yer kidding about the E

  • not kidding but it’s ok, it’s not a habit or anything.

  • I have seen Elton John in concert when he turned 55 and I was amazed at his stamina. He played for a solid 2 hours before taking a small break. I don’t think he could have done that if he were on Coke.

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