there is water at the bottom of the ocean.

rampant lion (6k image)i have this dream. it happened when i was in scotland. my brother and i were sitting in a pub drinking tennant’s lager….and we sat there silently observing the surroundings. i’m not sure what was running through his mind….but i knew the conclusion he’d come to would be the same as mine….i will never be the same.

i started thinking about this beautiful country i was sitting in. my family came from there. i saw my great great grandfather’s name in the war books in edinburgh castle. i walked on the street that my grandfather grew up on. i stood on street corners that had been there for hundreds of years. i looked at so many buildings that were old and historically important. i took a cask ride at the whiskey heritage museum. i drank in pubs that were, architecturally speaking, works of art. i saw miles of man made stone fences that lined the country side. i walked along the shoreline of a sea that i had never heard of before. i met people who had lived there their entire lives and knew nothing else. i walked through seven different weather changes in a twelve hour time period. i saw where my family came from. and it changed my life.

so as i thought of that….my mind shifted to this fantasy. and this is it: simply to be part of it one day. i would get a job in the town where my grandfather grew up. i would become a fisherman. i would fall in love with a beautiful scottish lass. we would live in a small house on the coast. we would have humble and intelligent children. i would play in a traditional pipe band. i would have friends who owned distillaries up in the highlands. i would learn how to speak gaelic. i would get to sit in the windy ha and drink beers with my friends after a long day at sea. and i would be happy. and i would be happy. and i would be happy. and i would be happy….

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