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liquor (15k image)Oh the joys of being Mat:

Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 11:27 AM
Subject: Hello

There really should be a who “would you do” for women on your site. I need my sexuality glorified in a way that puts men at a constant disadvantage. Even that shit up. More dick and plenty of it, big ones, cut abs, shall we discuss the talent of Fabio? I think he is soooooo talented. I just can’t tell that he’s not.

Sincerely yours,
fuckin hot shaved rock chick

Other than reading funny as shit emails like this Emily is moved. Hurrah! Now she just needs to unpack. Her two ex-military friends from work were super cool and strong and didnt even need a video camera to bribe them to help! They just did it! Can you believe it?. And i am on my way to getting a new car. It’s the either the 2002 Silver Passat GLS-V6 or the 2002 Silver Honda Accord XL-V6. The Passat will be quite a bit more so i am leaning to the Accord right now. Cos for 8k less i can have a car with the works. So we’ll see what the connections will do for me. I am just waiting to hear back from a few AE’s here at work and Bob in Baltimore to get the “connection” hook up price. The biz does treat me nice from time to time. More on that as it happens.

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  • dude i just bought an Accord, and it runs well. so join my club. WE CAN START A CLUB NO GURLS ALLOWED.

  • the ex or the lx?

    what’d u pay? and where?


  • ’97 Accord SE. I think about 50k miles. It was $12,-something. Great condition. If you still are seriously thinking about buying a used Honda and you are willing to drive out some, let me know… there’s a great Honda dealership in Leesburg that I recommend to everyone. I bought there, my brother bought there, my friend Shannon just bought a Civic there last week…. etc.

  • tight! i would say rock the PASSAT cos i lub VW, but if you can save $$ on the accord, well…damn. accords will run forever.
    ps. your new hair and sideburns look hott.

  • i am giving up my dream of the new beetle. i am now in line to purchase a harley-davidson sportster.

    there is a freedom to riding a motorcycle that is unlike any other.

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