carpet munch the bearded clam?

pocketrockets (17k image)I am of the belief that

-i’ve not done one of these in ages
-it still reminds me of kristen
-it’s wednesday
-i finally moved into my new place on monday
-emily and daniel helped me move my shite
-mad mad mad props
-last night laura and myself went to tyson’s corner to pick up her chest
-it’s blue, which matches my metro green (if there was such a color) stereo hookup and all my rocket lamps
-and yeah, it was emily’s idea to stack them
-and i still messed up building it, just like i watched emily do just days before
-we had fresh fields for dinner
-and i put more of my stereo gear together
-then read that book on 70s trivia i borrowed from laura
-today, nelissa, shock, ballard, hannah and myself hooked it up at freshfields
-i am a fresh fields maniac
-and this girl walked by with very jello-like boobies
-you could almost want to start taking out a spoon
-horizon organic strawberry lemonade rocks my world
-i dont have a computer of my own at my new place
-hence the lack of journal-age
-it’s kinda sucky, but it will force me to do other things for the time being
-daniel will pick up my slack, cos i know he wants to rip it up
-snickerdoodles is a funny word
-we had a email marketing meeting today at work that was supposed to be 2 hours long
-it wasnt
-and i looked through this huge font catalog for most of it
-trans am is this friday at 930 club
-and july 15th at ft reno
-930 is iffy, ft reno is on
-better than ezra is at dc sessions this weekend
-once daniel gets his ass down here om records will start kicking major booty
-the message board now has online stats just below to the left
marty rocks for helping me with it
-my studio is in shambles right now
-it’s going to take days to put it back together
-pity me
-i am going to the cheesecake factory after work to hang with all my dc101 promotions peeps
-i never hang with them anymore
-they are a cool bunch and i should more often and not
-i wanna rock and roll all night
-but not like those guys in this post
-they are still cracking me up

daniel.: dude-..part of ruling the world is NOT forgetting you rule the world.

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