The Couch + The Lamp + The Chimney

When we were in Barcelona we met up with my Aunt and Uncle. There they decided that if we wanted to, we could pick out a wedding gift and they would buy it for us, rather than picking out something on our registry. We really liked this idea because A) it was creative, B) it was Barcelona and the shopping was primo especially in the boutiques and C) it would be memorable. So we found this lamp that is sorta papier mâchè in a neat little store. Of course when we bought the lamp I knew I would have to rewire it for North American electricity and plugage. So the lamp came a week ago and today I went to Strosnider’s to get the parts to rebuild the light capsule and wiring. It’s not perfect, but it will work for now.

And we also got our new couch. It’s actually not new, per se, but we just had it reupholstered. If anyone remembers this couch used to be blue and we had it in the living room in our old place down the street. So we went through the process of wanting to buy a new couch and we were pretty close to it and then we realized we had this really nice couch sitting in the basement just collecting dust. So we thought: why not reupholster it as we loved the simple design and it was silly to simply waste a perfectly constructed couch and let it be taken away to a land fill? So we did with a small Mom and Pop furniture/re-upholstery store off of George Ave. And it’s amazing. I am so happy with it. Now we just need the new loudspeakers (hopefully they’ll arrive before NYE) and we’re ready to go. At least in this stage of decorating.

Oh shite. And the chimney people came today. Freddie Prince is his name. He’s really funny. But turns out the $3000+ for the new lining/cleaning we thought we were going to have to spend turned out to be bunk. The person who sold us the house pretty much got ripped off and in turn took $3,000 off the price of the house. Which benefited us. Sure it’s pretty incidental when you are talking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s something. So anyways, $94 later for the safety inspection and an appointment tomorrow and we’re good to go. In fact we’re good to go right now and we might have a fire tonight. Yay!

2 Responses to “The Couch + The Lamp + The Chimney”

  • And here’s a picture of the sofa circa Emily age 9 Days:

    And PS. If you think the “new” sofa is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, please don’t tell me.

  • why would it be the ugliest thing anyone’s ever seen? it’s great!

    kudos to saving a perfectly awesome couch with the power of reupholstering!

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