We Have A Problem

For the past couple of weeks, we watched Season 1 of Lost. Not to mention the 6+ hours of bonus features on the DVD.

That wasn’t enough.

Clearly. We’re no amatures at obsessive and compusive behavior! Please.

So who could wait until the DVD of Seaon 2 comes out? Surely we couldn’t wait. Emily had the bright idea about downloading the new shows to her Video iPod. Genius! The clarity is pretty good. 200 megs for a 45 minute show @ 128kpbs. It’s around the quality of a VHS tape on a 19″ screen. It’s not bad and it’s only going to improve. Perhaps it’s the wave of the future. Definately a strong niche. Time will tell. Looking forward to this Apple Media Server. And better yet, we’re 9 episodes in to Season 2. Now we have to wait weekly for the episodes. We caught up, but watching commericials and waiting a week is going to suck nut.

Anyways. We seriously have a problem. We litterally come home every day, eat some food and plant ourselves in front of the TV to catch up on who Kate has slutted up on. What Locke has done to creep someone out. What Naveen Andrews did to be portrayed as an Iraqi when he’s from India. How Jin became so goddam ripped. How happy I was so see Shannon die. And how awesomely cute Emilie de Ravin’s accent is. It’s so good. However, we need to get out. Are we the only ones who are scared to go out at night in fear the Others will get us? Ack!

6 Responses to “We Have A Problem”

  • I’m not a Lost fan, but I received a lot of iTunes gift cards for Christmas so I bought the most recent episode. I was impressed and I plan on buying some of the previous episodes to catch up.

  • see i have wanted to watch LOST, but after hearing your story and my roomate say the same thing, im scared. besides, i would have a lot of catching up to do.

  • Just make sure to start from the beginning… And make sure you have the time set aside!

  • Shoot, I wish I could watch more t.v., but most of the time, I’m either working, studying, or reading blogs or the news, and somewhere in between, writing a blog entry.

    My brother and mother are totally obsessed with LOST. My brother is also into “Surface”, and we are going to watch it this upcoming Monday.

    But back to you and your wife not “getting out”, hey, it’s all good. I think that it’s kewl that you are your wife stay at home. Kris and I do the same thing, and we are quite happy watching movies or playing on our PS2s.

  • Oh, and I forgot to tell you. Trench busted me, so now, YOU’RE BUSTED!

  • Okay, I watch way too much TV. But I usually only watch hour long shows that I’m dedicated to. My library has a lot of DVDs and for the past month I have been working my way through Alias. Season 1 I watched in 7 days. Season 2I watched in 2 days. Season 3 I watched in 3 days. It helps when you don’t work, otherwise it’s hard to get through 22 episodes in 48 hours!

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