Michael Jackson’s White Glove Up For Auction

Jacko's white glove
To me it’s kind of amazing when a celebrity item goes for bid in an auction. Not to mention it’s Jacko’s white glove. You’d think this item would be some sort of evidence for a pending case. I know that’s an unfair statement as I don’t know the man personally. Hell, I don’t even know him haphazardly! But I don’t really care. I reckon it’s not a fake, and it’s legit. However $250,000 is a bit steep to have a part of Michael Jackson. In fact that’s the worst and least efficient way to get close to Michael Jackson. We all know the easiest way and that doesn’t involve someone who can afford a $250,000 white glove.

My question is for $250,000 you’d think you’d get both gloves! Jacko is a cheapo.

11 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s White Glove Up For Auction”

  • What?! You mean there are two of those gloves?! 😉

  • If I had $250,000 lying around I would by this glove just so I could go up to Jacko and challenge him to a duel with it!

  • i thought there was only one!?

  • Me too! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go pick up the shattered remains of my now-broken childhood


  • $250,000, honestly, I thought it would be worth more. That is a piece of history, how could he sell it so cheaply?

  • He probably needs the money to make the next payment to his team of lawyers. He can’t risk its not selling if he goes too high.

  • There is only the one glove!! For the other you’ll have to ask MJ himself! Its totally the real thing, its a an extraordinary piece of pop history.

  • the imfomaus white glove the most famous piece of clothing and worth the most money and yet he settels for scraps. shame shame

  • He had six gloves, 2 black, 1 red, 1 blue, and 2 white

  • Michael Jackson is just amazing. All of the world misses you significantly! No-one could possibly believe that Michael has not revolutionized pop songs and pop culture around the globe. He was a musical genuis and he was the motivation for a variety of artists that were to come after him. I’m certain Michael is still making music and videos in heaven.

  • Where did it say there is another one but there is and it is the exact same one exept for the left hand I’ve held them both personaly!Plus he has a black one with jules all over it and a blue on! PEACE!

    P.S. I am a great friend of Mr.Michael Jackson R.I.P
    I love him not legit though because I’m straight.

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