Britney Spears’ Pootie

Most (not all) anti-choicers are hypocrites and are usually (let me reiterate, usually) less than capable of intelligence when one only spews out lame and antiquated bible verses. Sorry, in this day and age, Jeh-heeeeeeeesus doesn’t cut it in the real world. But I have to tell you that this sculpture is amazing:

Britney Spears new scupture - sg2883.jpg
It’s titled: Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston
Truly breathtaking. Does anyone else want to see the walnut popping out the pootie? And why are we also getting cheated with this PG view. Jesus would not be happy that we are sad about this. Damn the man.

My only serious problem is #1. Anti-choicers. Duh. and (ok, I lied) #2. What’s up with the tiger? Is this Siegfried and Roy?

6 Responses to “Britney Spears’ Pootie”

  • well, i have to say i think this piece is magnificent. such a glorious tribute to the birth of the celebrated spawn of two fucking idiots, literally.

    society should make it harder for stupid people to get laid. too many smart friends of mine get shut out.

  • I’m more interested in seeing her “lactating breasts”. Apparently the sculptor thinks that they’re a big feature.

    I wonder if he sculpted puddles of breast-milk under her nipples.

  • isn’t she kind of fighting gravity in that position? looks more like the position she was in when sean preston was conceived.

  • Isn’t this the same artist who did the Ted Williams death-masks? I _really_ think this is satire.

  • i edited the press release for this thing at work. the rep for the artists is one of our biggest clients.

    and now it’s everywhere!

  • I heard about this, lol.

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