Lockdown on Lost Lastnight


Did anybody else get shivers when they saw this map last night on LOST? I am not sure the significance at this point, but it appears to be huge.

Thoughts right now on the show:

  • Emily is right. Sawyer’s one-liners are getting old. This character needs some development. Like, for real.
  • Hurley better not die. He’s the only genuinely likable character on the show. We need you Hurley!
  • Dr. Jack and Kate really should just do it already. They need to breed like a family of mormons.
  • The woman Locke was performing the home inspection for was none other than Sayid’s lover Nadia – Thanks Eric for the link!
  • We need more Emilie de Ravin
  • What happened to Michael? Not to mention his son? Is he being written off the show out of forgetfulness?

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