Metronomic Underground

Currently in the iPod:

  • Devo 2.0 (strangely, it’s actually pretty fun sans Boy You Want – Feetnik was right… totally should have been GIRL you want and still sung by a girl – Goddam Disney…)
  • The Spinto Band – Nice and Nicely Done
  • Prince – Miles 2 Nowhere Afterparty, Chanhasen, MN ’87 (Miles Davis guesting on trumpet has never sounded more amazing)
  • Sheila E. – Purple Finale Miami, FL ’85 (opening for Prince on the last date of the Purple Rain tour with Prince guesting on Erotic City – the crowd explodes when he walks on stage… ’85 was a great year)
  • Experimental Audio Research – The Köner Experiment (seriously amazing sleepytime music – those Spacemen 3 people know what’s going on)
  • Glenn Branca – Symphony #3 (Who would have thought a guitar symphony would work!)
  • The Melvins – Bullhead
  • Stereolab – Sound Dust (Why it’s taken me 15 years to get in to this band is beyond me)
  • Yume Bitsu – Golden Vessyl Of Sound (I think I was in this band)
  • John Zorn – Masada String Trio (No other label in history [in my opinion] has released such a great ratio of quality music)
  • Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Session (This record was recorded live in a church using one microphone – Calrec Ambisonic microphones are godly)
  • The Flaming Lips – At War With The Mystics (Eric, I did give it a 3rd chance…)
  • Ornette Coleman – Tomorrow is the Question
  • Kanye West – Late Registration
  • Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Streetcore
  • Kletka Red – Hijacking
  • Love – Four Sail
  • Saint Etienne – Finisterre

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