Towering Above The Rest

I’ve always been a Radiohead fan, per se, but at the same time, I’ve always felt that the mainstream media over-hyped them to the point of making them out to be the Messiah of rock music. It frustrated me to no end about their so-called “innovations,” which to me, was nothing new. A little too much dick sucking in the media really created a backlash for my appreciation of this band, in the past.

Regardless, there is something critically beautiful with the song Airbag the moment the bass guitar comes in with it’s lines. Holy moly. It’s bombastic. A lot of the time, restraint and what is not played is what is most beautiful in music for me.

And why they never recorded a studio version of Lift, a song they played in the mid to late 90s, is beyond me. That song was a simple masterpiece.

2 Responses to “Towering Above The Rest”

  • Yeah. It’s all about what is not played. That has become more obvious to me the more I play.

  • Advice from Miles to a room full of students in 1979: “Play the space between the notes the same way you play the notes.”

    Lift was beautiful. And why didn’t Talk Show Host ever make it onto an honest album?

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