Guadalajara… Guatemala…

I wonder if the people who think “Illegals” should be treated as felons have illegal MP3s on their computer? The issues are always the same. And I am always right. We really need more Limewire downloaded 128 kbps MP3s of Journey’s Anyway You Want It proliferating the interweb. That should keep them out.

In other news. Last week I spent a few days at a State conference for work in Florida near Orlando (MCO!). Why do I always type in Floriday? Damn the day. And the man. Florida was another world. It was 85-90 and sunny every day. Cocoa Beach was beautiful. It reminded me of Rehoboth. It’s moderately built up, but there is still a large beach and it’s not an environmental disaster like Ocean City. I did make it to Cape Canaveral, or rather Kennedy Space Center. I have to admit, it was the let down of the century. The rockets displays were awesome. But there was little to no interpretation. Nothing. It was food places, gift shops and IMAX theaters. Great. Thanks. Being a Washingtonian, one can get spoiled with museums. The glorious National Air and Space Museum really kicked the Kennedy Space Center in the arse.

I’ll do ya, do ya like a good man should
Honey, let’s try a new position

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  • “I wonder if the people who think “Illegals” should be treated as felons have illegal MP3s on their computer?”

    I do indeed.

  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I love space, black holes, doughnut holes (haha) and everything in between and beyond. Glad to read you could make it. Speaking of NASA, I’ve been living in Houston now for 5 years, and I’ve never been to NASA here. I was just telling Kris the other day that we need to take Shaq out there during the summer.

  • sorry i couldn’t sneak over. did you try the space ice cream?

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