You Ain’t No Love Machine

Yesterday I went over to Kemp Mill to pick up the truck from Budget Rent-A-Whatever. The lack of organizational skills with these rental places amazes me. They are all dumb fucks and there is no way around it. Period. How they operate as a business blows my mind away. It would be like me scheduling a client to come in to the studio and them pre-paying, then deciding someone else could come in right after at the same time, just because “we have no way to schedule these things”. It’s called a schedule book for fucking morons. Luckily this was just about the dolly and we eventually got one from our neighbor. Yay for neighbors. Boo to dumb fucks.

Anyways… I got back from the fucking moronic rental place in Kemp Mill and Al and JG were there. Talk about our most punctual friends! JG and Emily we chit-chatting so Al and I headed to Holly Ave in Takoma Park to pick up the organ at Betsy’s. We had to jimmy the garage door open, but after that and with Al being a pro-mover we got the organ up in to the back of the truck. I was amazed. Al ruled the day. Hands down. So I think the organ is called the Hammond 8200. It’s a beauty and needs little to no work. Such a gem! Thanks Betsy!

After that we loaded everything up with Eric, et al, and we were off to Baltimore with the studio in the truck. Lisa met us there and helped unloading with her boy. Bob even helped. Hell yeah. The unload process was not bad. Even getting the organ up the stairs wasn’t horrible. I was amazed. Again, Al is a moving master. JG found the man-eating frost in the freezer in the back room. It’s truely a work of art. Be it, a frieghtening work of art. After my knees started sweating, yes, they allegedly sweat, we headed to The Paper Moon for some yum yums down the street in Charles Village where we learned that the yellow stuff in a crab is it’s actually poop. It’s always educational with Lisa. Then we headed to the Daily Grind in Fells Point for over-priced, yet quite yummy beverages. And we contemplated hitting up the Ottobar for beers, but we were already wrecked.

Thanks again to everyone for helping move the studio to the Studio. You rule, as a rule.

2 Responses to “You Ain’t No Love Machine”

  • Ya know.. i think ‘educational’ is the best way to describe a day with me. Some people call me “Crazy Lisa” (too many people, to be frank)… i call me inquisitive, and outgoing hehe =)

    it was a blast yesterday… i really had a good time. yous peoples rock.


  • Actually, Budget is one of the better ones! When I recently went to pick up my 26′ U-Haul truck at 6:45 AM (I wanted a 17′ but they “ran out,” so I was “upgraded” to this big bastard I couldn’t even climb into), I walked into a conversation between two male employees that went something like this:

    “Yeah, so I was bashing dude’s f—ing face in, right?”

    “The cops hadn’t shown up yet?”

    “Nah, it was cool. Man, I don’t even care about my motherf—in’ parole officer no more. Let him try an’ say some somthing – shit, I’ll go back. I can do six months in my f—in’ sleep. That motherf… oh shit, um, can I help you?”

    Being rude to customers is one thing; making them stand there while wetting themselves is another.

    Glad the move went well.

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