What Goes On

I am of the belief (since it’s been forever)

  • My lovely Wife and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, a week and a few days ago
  • Lisa has been so cool and has been helping us ease the pain of settling in to our apartment
  • Al & JG had us over for some good time city life dinner and fun – I [heart] our new city
  • It’s especially pretty in the fall as are most cities
  • Unpacking takes way to friggin’ long and is kind of getting on my nerves
  • Feetnik started her new gig and I went in today to assist with her transition and my co-worker gave me this book called High Fidelity Simplified by Harold D. Weiler, of course from 1952
  • Feetnik’s apartment is cute and overlooks the park
  • The MARC train treated me nicely on the way there – coming back was painful standing in the aisle in dress shoes
  • Thursday we’re finally changing our names, all legit style
  • Today, I received health insurance for the first time, sans an employer and it’s a killer deal
  • Two nights ago I went to 930 Club with David to see Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins and was happily surprised with the wonderful live arrangements
  • My kick-ass cousin, Zack, was in town for the Green Fest thing in DC this weekend and had him over for the night and showed him Baltimore
  • I am kind of enjoying the time I get to spend with Frankie on her walks 2-3 times a day
  • Feetnik, is more than likely coming over this weekend to do website stuff, but more so play Emily’s Weeds dealer

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