Tasty White Bag On My Mind

“Lulu, stop eating the fucking bag!”

A direct quote from Lulu’s mother, Emily. Yes, our pussies are weird creatures. And yes Lulu was trying to eat a white plastic bag filled with paper. Unless she’s trying to “shred” the evidence, we have a nutty pussy.

Lulu and her tasty white bag

4 Responses to “Tasty White Bag On My Mind”

  • LOL. Funny little kitty! 😀

  • We have constant problems with our cats and plastic — shopping bags, soy sauce packets, plastic wrappers. But they tend to lick. There is apparently something in the processing of the plastic that appeals to cats, because a lot of people report problems with that.

  • Wild. Now, granted I am not a cat person, nor have I been around cats all that much in my life, but I found this to be very odd, especially for our cats who have never posed much interest in anything that wasn’t food.

    Cats are weird.

  • I lived with a cat named Sal for a year and a half. He liked to lick plastic bags, too. We used to joke that he was a plastic bag connoisseur, and that he enjoyed tasting different kinds of plastic from all over.

    cvs bags taste different from trash bags and liqupr store bags, which are different from grocery produce bags. only cats can tell the difference!

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