i havent slept a wink

round (5k image)I am sitting here now typing this listing to Ozzy’s Bark at the Moon. It’s almost like i am in the hot tub with Gene Simmons and the faceless groupies like in the Decline of Western Civilization. Or something like that. Actually Andreas is playing Grand Theft Auto while listening to Ozzy’s greatest hits. I always forget how great Randy Rhodes was on guitar. I almost miss him. Tribute was a great record.

So tonight i was planning on taking pictures cos it’s so goddam beautiful outside. I called Awapy to come with me but she’s having a DC101 Part Timer Party or something. She got a new dog. I wanna play with it. I love me some dog. Dog + Mat = Coolness. Cat + Mat = (SnotFlow)*Large.

I got my Tortoise/Thrill Jockey Turns 10 Tickets in the mail today. I wrote on it, “Throw away and you will die a painful death complete with a kidney stone.” I am completely excited for it and i just turned in my vacation time for it. So excited.

PS. New additions to the menu: previous/next + audio. The audio is a little outdated for OMR003. That was some old school mixes…most likely from almost 6 months ago. Still a good taste as to what is coming. No more tears.

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