8 Responses to “Studios Logo Vote v2”

  • Ok I voted for top left, because of its minimalist look. Nothing distracting you from the name, and what that name is supposed to represent (being the radio).

    I reeeeeeaaaallly reaaaaallly want to like the bottom right one. If you like having the speech bubble out of the radio, thats the best one. There’s something about the straight lines with rounded edges that I just love. So thats my number two. I almost want to take back my vote and vote for that, just to balance things out.

  • I really like the layout of #1, but the font of the others. I do like the idea of the speech bubble out of the radio too. Since I have to choose, my vote goes to 4.

  • I’m not feeling the giant ‘M’ or the four tails to the speech bubble. It makes the bubble look critter-ish. If the character width of the ‘M’ on #3 were closer to the other letters, #3 would be my favorite — but since it’s not, I voted for #1.

  • i voted for number 4, but i do agree w /thud: i’d change the width of the “M” (and The “S” in studio, for that matter.)

  • I dig lower right (#4). I like the cubed speech bubble. Original and eye catching.

  • Yeah, I like 4, too.

    Man, I wish I was as talented as you, Emily.

  • I like the upper right because it’s “announcing” the studio from the radio.
    I don’t like the lower right one because i think the square comment box loses the the shape of the radio.

    Suggestion for you — print them out & look at them from as far away as possible. Which one still clearly gives an impression from a distance. That’s probably the one people will remember.

  • I like the first one — but is that a comment bubble or are the legs on the bottom of the radio? Legs on the radio could be cool – sort of Jetsons-like.

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