Top 10 Favorite Poison Songs

You might say they are a piece of shit band. And perhaps they are. But they still sold 14 million records more than you ever will. Regardless of the stigma attached to Poison, they were the first band I really got in to and saw live and still share a special place in my heart. At 14, I went with my father to see them at the Capital Center and it was pretty fucking loud. It was awesome though and we had a ball. The bottom line is that they know how to write fun rock songs and have a good time doing it. You can’t fault that. They still seem to tour, strangely with huge success. I’ve seen them twice in my mid-late 20s. And they still rocked my socks off.

  1. Fallen Angel (Open Up and Say…Ahh) – Despite the horrible drum production on this album, this cut always tops out on my favs.
  2. Nothin’ But A Good Time (Open Up and Say…Ahh) – Somehow this turned in to the theme song for the Washington Capitals and for great reasons. The reverse ‘verbed out drums are to die for.
  3. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (Open Up and Say…Ahh) – It got Bill and Ted in to heaven in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Enough said.
  4. Cry Tough (Look What The Cat Dragged In) – Because we all cry tough, sometimes.
  5. Take Dirty To Me (Look What The Cat Dragged In) – If only for Brett’s, “C.C., pick up that guitar and TALK TO ME!”
  6. I Won’t Forget You (Look What The Cat Dragged In) – No 80s glam record is complete without the ballad.
  7. Ride The Wind (Flesh and Blood) – Finally they got a good drum sound. Only 3 records in to it. And I don’t care what people say, I think C.C. is a great guitarist (not to mention his good friend is Lemmy – so if Lemmy knows, god knows.) He might overplay, but he still can play a mean pinch harmonic.
  8. Unskinny Bop (Flesh and Blood) – Maybe Hanson knows what this song is about.
  9. Good Love (Open Up and Say…Ahh) – Nothing really special about this song, I just always love the harmonica in rock songs and Brett does this finger popping thing in his mouth that’s pretty funny.
  10. Sacrifice (Flesh and Blood) – The gang vocals are so gang.

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  • I’m glad “Cry Tough” made the cut, but how could “I Want Action” not qualify? The “Hey sweetheart…” spoken section in the middle is as inane as it is cliché, in other words, great hair metal.

  • Good compilation. I’d try to throw “Life Goes On” in there somewhere as their “serious ballad”, and “Look What The Cat Dragged In” as the rockin’ non-four-chord-pop song, but otherwise, I’d be hard pressed to argue.

    I saw an awesome quote from CC DeVille (maybe on Behind the Music?) where he says “Yeah, I listened to all the greats: Hendrix, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, all those guys. I guess it just didn’t stick.”

    I think he’s seriously under-rated as a guitar player. I remember some badass Transparent Lucite Les Paul knockoff that he played at the MTV Awards one year. Awesome stuff. He may not have been the most original, but he did kick ass.
    That said, NO ONE needs a 30 minute live guitar solo, CC. NO ONE.

    I caught Poison with Slaughter, Cinderella and Dokken a few years ago. Awe-some.

  • Oh, and good news for your first born, Mat…
    It appears just after the birthing, Poison will be birthing a new covers album too:

    So, if you want the little shortie to be rockin’ out to Poison’s version of “Just What I Needed” or “What I Like About You” then you’re all set.

  • Justin: I hear ya. That spoken section always just reminded me of the spoken section in Van Halen’s “Panama”. Only not as steamy.

    But yeah, I see your point. 😉

    I do give you the awesome drums in “I Want Action”. And the awesome make-up.

    John: “Life Goes On” was #11 on my list. I probably should have swapped with “Unskinny Bop,” but that song is so backwards, I had to keep it. And yeah, that covers record looks like a wonderfully amazing disaster. The Sweet cut might almost make it worth buying.

  • OMG, Open Up and Say Ahhh is the first CD I ever bought!! LOL!

  • Sweet Cherry Pie is a kick ass song to rock out too.

  • This is a really great band!
    I agree with the list, but i miss “i want action” and “your mamma don’t dance”. Anyway, its a good work!

    Poison is surely one of my favourite bands!
    It is just amazing!!wonderful!!!

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