Top 10 Favorite Tokio Hotel Songs

Tokio Hotel - Bill or Joan Jett!


The time has come again. Tokio Hotel is almost 2 years more mature than last we checked in with them. So Schrei dropped in 2005. It was #1 in Germany and Austria. Due to its rapid success, it was re-released in 2006. Sadly many of the songs had to be re-recorded for this re-release. Once Bill’s balls dropped, the record execs realized that his newly found vocals had to catch up to his touring voice. 2007 brought us Zimmer 483. This record has been said (via wikipedia) to have “more deep and more serious lyrics [compared to their debut, Schrei, of course]”. I can believe it. Zimmer 483 has already sold almost 400,000 units in 2 months. But the exciting news is that later this year there will be a breakthrough in the language barrier for many of us. 2007 will also give us the soon-to-be-legendary Scream. This will be a compilation of songs from Zimmer 483 and Schrei but sung exclusively in English. It will be released in the UK first and, if it fares well, we Americans might have a shot at some Tokio Hotel domestically. I think this is what the recording industry has been waiting for all these years.

  1. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  2. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  3. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  4. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  5. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  6. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  7. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  8. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  9. Durch Den Monsun (Schrei)
  10. Instant Karma! (John Lennon cover from Come Together)

You may notice one song song is repeated more than once. The reason is that this one song from their debut album was so moving and powerful that the list would only be accurate in this order.

To feel the pain of a thousand Bills listen to “Durch Den Monsun” here:

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You can pre-order Scream below. It drops in the UK on June 5th. International shipping available!

15 Responses to “Top 10 Favorite Tokio Hotel Songs”

  • don’t fight… everyone do love Bill and Tokio Hotel so much! and we know they love us too,okay…

  • heres my top 10:
    3.down on you
    5.sacred your side
    7.durch den monsun
    9.spring nicht
    10.1000 oceans or 1000 meere

  • Hmm….well i think Automatic and Alien are the best:)
    Ready set go is not bad:)
    ……honestly German version is always better than English versn….i myself dont know German but love hearin it:D


  • Tokio Hotel rocks……. we love you. good luck.

  • billll iiiii lovvve uuu so much mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwa kisses and to the band to u guyz r all so amazing and i love ur music keep plez come to the usa i really want u to come bye love u ich liebe ditch te amo muchooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill and to the guyz i love u all so much and ur music and to tom i love how u play the guitar u rock and bill i love ur hair ur so sweet and adorable and hawt love u come to the usa love u

  • i really like the song by ur side and rescue me and others these guyz r so amazing u go to love them

  • Nabelle’s right..
    evry1 lvs bill & tokio hotel.
    m rly fond of ur songs….
    grt job!!

  • How many of you guys can actually speak in German and understand what Bill even sings about?
    1. Lass uns laufen
    2. Automatisch
    3. Spring nicht
    4. Schrei
    5. Durch den Monsun
    6. Rette mich
    7. An deiner Seite(Ich bin da)
    8. Beichte
    9. 1.000 Meere
    10. Ready set go

  • i love this song! so much!

  • i love u bill !!! ure awesome!!

  • This band is reply very very nice…….
    My dream is to see live of the Tokio Hotel on Nepal…..
    Ohhh god how nice it will be……..

  • This band is reply very very nice…….
    My dream is to see live of the Tokio Hotel on Nepal…..
    Ohhh god how nice it will be……..

  • Hey Bill, i like you so much,I think that your music is beautiful and of course to the rest of the boys… goood job. Maybe you should visit South Africa one day…I’ll definetly come see you. “peace out”

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